Measuring the Night

Measuring the NightMEASURING THE NIGHT:
Evolutionary Astrology and the Keys to the Soul, Volume I
by Steven Forrest and Jeffrey Wolf Green
(currently out of print)

Foreword by Kelli Fox, co-founder of * Edited by Jodie Forrest

Your birthchart is also a tool for your evolution... Groundbreaking new book based on a series of evolutionary astrologyworkshops by Steven Forrest and Jeffrey Wolf Green. Seven Paws Press and Martina Green's Daemon Press are the co-publishers. Astrology, reincarnation, psychology and how to use your birthchart for your own's all here, in a warm and personal lecture format from two best-selling counseling astrologers with very full client loads. Suitable for the beginner as well as advanced or professional astrologers. Steven and Jeffrey team up to analyze the birthchart of one of the workshop participants, just as they would analyze that of a client.  400 total pages. Trade paperback, $19.95.  ISBN 0-9649113-3-7.

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  • Foreword by Kelli Fox of
  • Introduction by Jeffrey Wolf Green
  • Chapter One:  Laguna Beach Workshops:  Introduction
  • Chapter Two:  Jeffrey Wolf Green on Trauma
  • Chapter Three:  Handout on Trauma
  • Chapter Four:  Steven Forrest's Case Study of "Persephone"
  • Chapter Five: Plenary Session
  • Chapter Six: Steven Forrest: The Nodes of the Moon
  • Chapter Seven: Jeffrey Wolf Green: The Planetary Nodes
  • Chapter Eight: Steven Forrest:  The Sun
  • Chapter Nine: Jeffrey Wolf Green: Saturn, Capricorn and Dark Eros
  • Chapter Ten: Volunteer Chart Analysis by Steven Forrest and Jeffrey Wolf Green
  • Epilogue by Steven Forrest
  • Appendix:  The Astrological Ages and Sub-ages

Here are some excerpts from the Dell HOROSCOPE Sept 2000's review,
written by Chris Lorenz, of Measuring the Night, Volume One:

"Two of astrology's leading lights, Steven Forrest and Jeffrey Wolf Green, have both written excellent books on Pluto. Their personal styles and terminology differ, but they have far more in common than do most individuated astrologers. Recognizing this (common ground), they have pooled their talents to put on a series of lectures centering on what they call Evolutionary Astrology. The "Pluto Brothers" then (had the lectures transcribed) to present in book format, and the wonderful result is Measuring the Night. Both Pluto brothers incorporate reincarnation and karma in their astrological views, as well as a disdain for the patriarchal system that teaches adherence to an external authority.

Forrest punctuates his presentations with many useful insights to aid in horoscope interpretation. I found it helpful to underline many of his juicy tidbits. Green includes a great reference on trauma and the outer planets. His presentation conveys a philosophical perpective that might be summarized as working with the difference between consensus reality and natural reality when counseling as an evolutionary astrologer. Evolutionary astrology allows room for individual responsibility and creativity, rather than relying on rigid, "cookbook" interpretations of character and destiny.

How does one understand the difference between consensus reality and natural law? How do we escape the cultural role models of Betty Crocker and the Marlboro Man? Evolutionary astrology can move you past the traps of the patriarchal priesthood, and these Pluto brothers provide the lucid insights to guide you along the way."

--Chris Lorenz, Dell HOROSCOPE, Sept 2000

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