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December 2016 Newsletter

Revised Reprint of The Night Speaks

by Steven Forrest

Santa Claus is being good to me this year. I am getting a gift that I have wanted for a very long time – my fourth book, The Night Speaks, which has been unavailable for many years, is coming out again in a revised, updated edition.  I am delighted to see it in print again.

Much of my writing over the years has been aimed at people who wanted to learn astrology. The Night Speaks serves that community, but even more, it is a book about why to do astrology – and, perhaps at an even deeper level, why to believe in it. It is, in other words, a book for anyone with an open mind and a mild interest in astrological possibilities. I think it also would make a fine, if somewhat subversive, gift for anyone who loves an astrologer, but who has not the foggiest idea what he or she thinks or does.

Steven ForrestMy special hope is that this revised edition finds its way into the hands of younger astrologers of all traditions. I first wrote it while in mid-life. Now that I am older, The Night Speaks feels like a way of passing on to those who will come after me some of the fire-in-the-belly that has kept me engaged in our mysterious, sacred craft since I was a child.

To give you a taste of the pages, we offer the introduction to the 2016 edition.

- Steven Forrest

Read the New Introduction

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Live Webcast December 3-4: The Transit Workshop

Quincunx Quintile LectureIn this live web simulcast of his weekend workshop, Steven presents the core of any astrological timing reading: transits. Working with transits involves understanding how to blend the archetypal dynamics of the changing sky with the dynamic evolving story emerging from the birth chart. As the planets change positions every day, they form new peaks and valleys, high points and low points, in an ever-changing dynamic interplay that compels us to grow and change in response. We can choose to work with this energy consciously, intentionally. Or we can stick our heads in the sand, simply reacting to whatever gets thrown our way.


Dates: Saturday and Sunday, December 3-4, 2016

Times: 9am to 1pm Pacific Time convert to your time zone

You do not need to attend live. All registered students receive a download of the recording to keep.

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