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Venus RetrogradeSteven just returned from his first trip to Switzerland! If you follow him on Facebook, you can see some of his posts and pics from the trip.

As you receive this, there is some very good juju for starting new projects today, on May 1. But move fast. Because after May 8, it's time to slow down in preparation for Venus Retrograde! Steven shares a little about that below...

Starting with the Alpine AP Program on May 17, Steve is on a whirlwind tour that takes him coast to coast - literally - with stops in New Orleans, Maine and North Carolina. I hope you're one of the lucky folks who get a chance to enjoy his teaching in person. If you're on the fence, it's well worth the effort. Visit our website for his full travel schedule.

Finally I'll toot my own horn a little and share my excitement at being included in the new Flare anthology Astrology: The Next Generation. I'm happy to share credits with several other wonderful astrologers. Check it out if you get a chance.

Best wishes to all of you,

Tony Howard

Spiritual WarriorHello everyone. Steven is getting ready to head to Switzerland, to start the first European AP Program next week! So I have an article to share with you this month below.

Both Mercury and Mars turn direct this month, giving us access to some much needed forward momentum! Take advantage of the last week of April and the beginning of May to take care of important business. Venus goes retrograde later in May! More on that next month...

The Southern California AP Program in May will give you Mercury types something to chew on! For the first half of the program, Steven will present two one-day topics - Astro*Mapping and Progressed Composite Charts. The last two days will give several folks the opportunity to ask one question about any topic in their chart. This will prove to be an interesting and engaging event, rich with diverse material. Hope to see you there.

Best wishes to all of you, Tony Howard

Hello everyone. So how have you fared Mars Retrograde so far? If you have planets or angles in Virgo, Pisces, Sagittarius or Gemini, I'm guessing you have some stories to tell... Mars won't be back on track until the end of April, so we're still in the thick of things. Hang in there!

Meanwhile Mercury is about to retrograde in Aries (it will station at 6° Aries on March 12). This time it will revisit Pisces while retrograde, and move direct on April 4 at 23° Pisces. March looks like a great time for a break if you can fit one in! Mercury will be buddying up to Uranus over the next few days, forming an exact conjunction March 5, in a wide square to Pluto. Time to back up your files. In fact, drop this newsletter and back up right now! Put your patience hat on and you'll make it through this month just fine.

In other news, there are a few open spots in a rare private event in beautiful Maine this June. Be one of the lucky few to claim a spot, and spend the Summer Solstice in good company. Best wishes to all of you, Tony Howard

Best wishes to all of you,
Tony Howard

Art by Manu Jobst Winter Snow Buds

Neptune's Murky Imprint

by Steven Forrest

Neptune moves solidly into Pisces on February 3rd after flirting briefly with the cusp last year. This is an epochal event which, if history is any indication, will utterly transform the mythic landscape of the world.  I explore its deeper meaning in this free ten minute video.

In this edition of our newsletter, I want to explore a secondary effect of Neptune’s sign change. It is a practical one that spins off from the fact that Neptune’s entering Pisces means it is also exiting Aquarius. And there is a lot more to that statement than meets the eye.

Here’s a whole lot of handy astrological craft in 69 words:

You undertake some action, hoping for a good result. When you do that, the Moon is naturally passing through one of the twelves signs of the zodiac. Now the trick:  the last major aspect the Moon makes before leaving the sign it currently occupies has a huge influence on whether your action will be successful or not. That last aspect the Moon makes defines “the outcome of the action.”

Tony HowardHappy New Year! Steven is busy planning wonderful things for you this year, so I'll be your newsletter emcee this month. I have an article about Mars Retrograde to share with you below. And I'd also like to direct your attention to our January download sale.

Save 10% off all mp3's in the Planets Category in our download store through January 31. This sale includes our new Planetary Package, which features an mp3 about every planet.  

The aspects today and tomorrow are some of the best this year for new starts, especially those related to one of the many trines in effect. So take advantage of that good energy if you can before Mars retrograde officially starts January 23. More on that below. Best wishes to all of you,

Tony Howard

The year is coming to a close. I love this time of year, as it affords the opportunity to look back on a mini segment of life and reflect on the choices I've made, the experiences I've had and the things I've learned. It's also a time when I take that information and use it to formulate a revised game plan for the next cycle. And every year at this time I join a group of friends on the Winter Solstice, and we share those intentions, stating them out loud, solidifying the energy firmly within ourselves and with others as witness. If you've never experienced a Winter Solstice ceremony, why not make one up yourself this year, even if you do the solitary version. Light a candle, make a list, and speak your heart. Begin to let 2011 fade into memory and prepare to bring in the next year with even more wisdom, love, and wonder than you've ever had before.

Astrology in China

Seeing Red

by Steven Forrest

I ate a jellyfish. I did it in order to redeem the dignity I had lost when I could not bring myself to eat a frog. Many of you have probably guessed already that I am talking about my recent trip to China. Mars was transiting over my 9th House Pluto when I left, so I was a little nervous about the trip. Also a very skilled Vedic astrologer had warned me of various dangers during that same period. I try not to be astro-paranoid, but I admit I was edgy. All in all, it felt like a dumb move to go to China under those kinds of astrological energies.
Something I really appreciate about my career as an astrologer is the way it lets me see the world. I like traveling and I am willing to go pretty much anywhere. When the opportunity to teach in Shanghai appeared, I was . . .interested. Not excited really. Like most Americans, I had internalized a lot of negativity about the People’s Republic and some fear as well. I imagined a nation of dutiful, uniformed “worker bees.” I envisioned myself followed everywhere by a government “minder.” I expected to find a nation full of people afraid to express any opinion that might trigger official reprisals. I anticipated drab, Brutalist communist architecture everywhere. I was careful to remove the words “Dalai Lama” from my vocabulary, and I imagined a nation in which any kind of spiritual practice would raise eyebrows. I even had some concern about being imprisoned - astrology had only recently emerged into legality there. And I imagined myself at dinner, being presented with plates of frogs and jellyfish.

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