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Apprentice Program Pricing

Online Intro Course for Apprentice Astrologer Level

Our official online Introduction to Evolutionary Astrology workshop is offered in audio-only ($75), video download format ($85) or shipped to you in DVD format ($90 plus shipping). All formats include class handouts. Video formats include access to online areas.

An optional online self-test following completion of the course is offered for an additional fee of $25.

Official AP Workshops

Our official AP workshops vary in price depending on location. Each program is facilitated independently and offers varying amenities. Students may attend official AP Workshops at any location, and combine hours from different AP locations towards certification.

Weekend Workshops

Pricing for weekend workshops open to the general public vary by location. See our event calendar for details about a specific event.

Intermediate and advanced-level weekend workshops in Borrego Springs, CA are $425 (not including lodging or meals). These events begin on a Friday night and continue through Saturday and Sunday.

Senior Level Mentoring Workshops

3-Day Senior Level Mentoring Workshops in Borrego Springs, CA are $500 (not including lodging or meals). Pricing for this mentoring session reflects the small group format and intensively-focused attention students receive in this session.

Senior-level personal evaluation and feedback from Steven is $375 per session. Students submit a recording of a reading and chart details to Steven. Steven responds via an mp3 audio recording with his feedback.

Southern California Astrology Retreat

Southern California AP Retreat

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