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Neptune in Pisces Timeline

BuddhaThe following is a timeline of dates and notable events under the transit of Neptune in the sign Pisces.

  • 281 B.C. - 266 B.C.
    • First Punic War - Roma vs Carthage, 264 BC (ends in 241)
  • 117 B.C. - 102 B.C.
  • 47 AD - 61 AD.
    • Paul begins journeys in 45 A.D
    • 58 A.D - Emperor Ming-Ti intro’s Buddhism to China.
    • 61 A.D - Boudicca queen of Iceni defeated and killed by Seutonius Paulinus
  • 4/210 A.D. - 2/225 AD
  • 3/374 A.D. - 1/389 AD
    • Theodosius the Great, Emperor in East to 395.Roman Emperor from 379 to 395. Reuniting the eastern and western portions of the empire, Theodosius was the last emperor of both the Eastern and Western Roman Empire. After his death, the two parts split permanently. He is also known for making Nicene Christianity the official state religion of the Roman Empire. In his early reign, Theodosius was fairly tolerant of the pagans, for he needed the support of the influential pagan ruling class. However he would in time stamp out the last vestiges of paganism with great severity.[12] His first attempt to inhibit paganism was in 381 when he reiterated Constantine's ban on sacrifice. In 384 he prohibited haruspicy (entrail-reading) on pain of death.
  • 3/538 A.D.- 3/552 A.D.
    • 542-46. Epidemic of plague in Empire. Imported by rats from Egypt and Syria.
      Much spread of Buddhism - enters Japan 552.
    • In the 6th century - either 538 or 552 CE, depending on which historian one consults - a delegation sent by a Korean prince arrived at the court of the Emperor of Japan. The Koreans brought with them Buddhist sutras, an image of the Buddha, and a letter from the Korean prince praising the dharma. This was the official introduction of Buddhism to Japan.
    • St David brings Christianity to Wales 550.
  • 5/701 A.D. - 2/716 A.D.
    • Muslim expansion - Tangier, Ceuta, Roderic Last of Visigothic Kings In Spain to 711.
    • 711 - Moorish invasion of Spain. Muslim state established in modern Pakistan. 712.
    • Spanish Jews, freed by Arabs, begin their cultural development. Sugar planted in Egypt in 710.
    • By 715, Muslim empire stretches from Pyrenees to China, with Damascus as its capital.
  • 3/865 A.D. - 1/880 A.D.
    • Viking forces conquer Northumbria, East Anglia, Mercia -865.
    • Alfred the Great 871. He defeats Danes at Edington 878. King of England to 899.
    • 879 - The Pope and the Patriarch of Constantinople excommunicate each other!
  • 3/1029 A.D. - 3/1043 A.D.
    • MacBeth, Mormaer of Moray, kills Duncan in battle at Elgin - 1040 - making MacBeth king of the Scots.
  • 5/1192 A.D. - 2/1207 A.D.
    • Crusades. 4th ends in 1204. Crusaders sack Constaninople - 1204.
    • The Fourth Crusade (1202–1204) was originally intended to conquer Muslim-controlled Jerusalem by means of an invasion through Egypt. Instead, in April 1204, the Crusaders of Western Europe invaded and conquered the Christian (Eastern Orthodox) city of Constantinople, capital of the Byzantine Empire. This is seen as one of the final acts in the Great Schism between the Eastern Orthodox Church and Roman Catholic Church.
    • Temujin (later called Ghenghis Khan) begins to create empire in eastern Asia in 1190 . . .proclaimed G.K. in 1206.           
  • 4/1356 A.D. - 1/1371 A.D.
    • Tamerlaine begins conquest of Asia - 1363. Tamerland (Timur; Timur the Lame) (1335-1405) was a Mongol emperor based in Samarkand (in present-day Uzbekistan) and one of history's great conquerors. Claiming descent from Genghis Khan, Tamerlane set out to create a new Mongol empire. He conquered Persia, Armenia and Mesopotamia. In 1395 he defeated the "Golden Horde" between the Caspian and the Black Seas, India, Syria, and the territory of the Ottoman Turks. He died while trying to conquer China
  • 3/1520 A.D. - 12/1534 A.D.
    • 1521 - Martin Luther condemned as heretic and excommunicated/Diet of Worms. Cortes conquers Tenochitlan - 1521. Sack of Rome by Spanish and German troops - Pope Clement VII is captured.  1529 - Henry 8th summons Reformation Parliament and begins to cut ties with church of Rome. Knights of St John established in Malta by Chas V - 1530. In 1532 Religious
      Peace of Nuremburg allows Prots to practice freely. Calvin starts Prot movement in France.
    • 1533 Pizarro captures Inca cap, Cuzco. Act of Supremacy: Henry 8th declared supreme head of the church of engliand.
      Chocolate brought from Mexico to Spain - 1520! Sugar grown in Cuba - 1527. Term “Protestant” used for first time - 1527.  In 1522 first circumnavigation of world completed by the 18 survivors of the Magellan expedition.
  • 3/1684 A.D. - 3/1698 A.D.
    • 1685 - Louis 14th bans all religions in France except R.C. More than 50,000 Huguenot families leave France. 1687 James 2 of UK issues Dec of Liberty of Conscience...tolerance of all. 1689 in England parliament Bill of Rights, constitutional monarchy.
    • 1692 Salem witch trials. 
    • 1685 - 3 giants of music were born: Bach, Handel, and Scarlatti.
    • 1687 - Newton published “Principia,” most basic book in all science
  •  4/1847 A.D. - 2/1862 A.D.
    • 1848 - years of revolutions in Europe.
    • Communist Manfesto by Marx & Engels.
    • 1854 - Matthrwe Perry forces Japan to make trading treaty with US.
    • 1860 S.C. withdraws from the Union.
    • 1861 Confederacy forms.
    • 1848 - Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood of Painters formed.
    • 1849 - speed of light first measured, by Armand Fizeau.
    • Moby dick (Herman Melville) published - 1851.
    • Thoreau pubs Walden - 1854.
    • Atlantic cable completed - 1857.
    • In 1859 - Darwin’s Origin of Species published.
  •  4/2011 A.D. - 1/2026 A.D.
    • Binge TV watching of TV series becomes a national pasttime.
    • 3D movies make a comeback.
    • Crowdfunding becomes a popular way to fund creative projects.
    • More to come . . .

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