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Praise for the Forrest's Writing


“As intelligent and cogent as it is poetic.”—Sting

"Properly practiced, astrology attempts to address the apparent consonance or dissonance between our lives here and the sky. Jodie and Steven Forrest bring us into that space, and into the spaces between us, with grace, humour and informed awareness. In this book, astrology is the portal through which you will examine relationships in a manner worthy of any of the world's wisdom traditions. We should also describe the book this way: "Astrology---Not Just for Astrologers Anymore."--Scott Ainslie, Musician (CDs: Jealous of the Moon; Terraplane) and Author of "Robert Johnson/At The Crossroads"

"Like all of the Forrests' work, Skymates is rich with wisdom and humor. Their well-documented research is deftly folded into lyrical parables that reveal the mysteries of relationships and offer equipment for living.--Linda Belans, host of the medical ethics radio show "Do No Harm," http://donoharm.duke.edu.

"Steven and Jodie take astrology to a whole new level by returning it to its original intent; to offer us an outline for our evolutionary paths so we can discover our own meaning in life. Their work infuses you with wit, wisdom, and humor along the way...and with a wealth of information found nowhere else."--Keith Cleversley, Record Producer; Flaming Lips, Sound of Urchin, Moses Leroy, Hum.

"A fantastic guide for those looking to discover or recover that romantic spark!"
--Kelli Fox, astrologer, founder of www.astrology.com

"Please treat yourself to the deep insights that these two wonderful souls offer within this book."--Jeffrey Wolf Green, author of Pluto: The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul, and Pluto: The Soul's Evolution through Relationships.

"There are very few astrology books in Turkey. You can count them by the fingers of two hands. Three of them are written by Steven and Jodie Forrest. The Inner Sky is like the Bible (which is the Quran here) for my students, in the sense that they carry it everywhere they go. From The Changing Sky, they are learning how to create their own future, and from Skymates, I personally have learned what a soulmate is... I think they are great astrologers and writers."--Baris Ilhan, astrologer, publisher

"Steven and Jodie Forrest's work, specifically in this case Skymates, has shown me that astrology IS a spiritual and powerful tool that has a place in the 21st century and beyond. Their teaching powers, in clarity and real life examples, are second to none. They are far more than amazing astrologers and prove it within these pages."
--Bill Janis, Promotion/Marketing Manager for Reprise Records

"Jodie and Steve access an incredible amount of the world's collective knowledge of spirituality, psychology, mythology and the symbols of our quest for self awareness and actualization. Equal to their knowledge is their ability to iintegrate the essentials and teach them through their chosen vehicle, astrology. It's a rich discovery to find wit and wisdom, knowledge and intiution all blended in one person. To find it in both is indeed a treasure."--Gloria D. Karpinski, author BAREFOOT ON HOLY GROUND and WHERE TWO WORLDS TOUCH

"Steven and Jodie's intuitive yet scientific approach make this a wonderful guide to interpersonal relationships. Their sound astrological principles are undeniably helpful, informative and make good practical sense."
--Danny Kee, Director of A&R, Warner Brothers Records

"Steven and Jodie Forrest are two of the most genuinely wise people I have ever known, and the miracle is how fluidly that knowledge flows through their writings and teachings. Their work has given guidance, insight and a profound understanding to my life and that of countless others."--Rob Lehmann, author of Cooking for Life; professor, Philadelphia University; Humanitarian of the Year, Philadelphia.

"En la literatura astrolóógica son raros y preciosos los matrimonios perfectos: Buen inglés y magníífica astrologíía, sentido comúún y profunda espiritualidad, objetividad y optimismo, precisión técnica e imágenes conmovedoras. Definitivamente SKYMATES.
(Translation: Perfect marriages are rare and precious in astrological literature. Good
English and magnificent astrology, common sense and deep spirituality, objectivity and optimism, technical precision and moving images. These are Skymates' achievements.)
--Luis Lesur, author of Astrologia Cotidiana

"I have been receiving readings from Steven Forrest for ten years now. What he`s done for me is not to predict my future but to help me meditate on some of the warnings I might look out for, based on a scientific but more importantly a compassionate approach. These readings have improved the quality of my life."
--Dominic Miller, guitarist for Sting, The Pretenders; composer.

"Skymates is an unforgettable literary journey that will enrich your personal consciousness while ultimately leading to more fulfilling relationships."
--Laure Redmond, author of Feel Good Naked.

"One of the first appointments I made after the birth of my daughter was for an astrology reading with Steven and Jodie Forrest. Now, fifteen years later, I still refer to its contents and am grateful for their insight in helping me honor her uniqueness and support her strengths and weaknesses. I can't imagine a more valuable gift that parents could give to their child."--Susan B. Reintjes, psychic, author of THIRD EYE OPEN: Unmasking Your True Awareness.

"To write a powerful book on the astrology of relationships takes two things: a vast knowledge of astrology and a fantastical, loving relationship in life. When these two things merge, well, the results are nothing short of miraculous. The Forrests have both. Caution: insight and miraculous relationship knowledge inside."
--Philip Sedgwick, Author of Astrology of Deep Space, The Sun at the Center.

"From their insight and understanding, you'd think Jodie and Steven were your closest childhood friends. They have an uncanny ability to gently unravel the tightest knots of your inner self." --Eric Silver, award winning songwriter: Dixie Chicks, Donna Summer, Diamond Rio. Producer: Michelle Wright, Neal McCoy, Reba McEntire

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