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Reaching the Client Workshop MP3

Learn the art of counseling the client. You'll learn how to ...


11th House: Goals and Aspirations

Explore the astrological 11th House with Steven Forrest. ...


Remembering Your Past Lives Through Astrology MP3

An astrological lecture by Steven Forrest. Evolutionary ...


Age of Aquarius MP3

Astrological Lecture by Steven Forrest. Steven makes a case ...


Curing Zombies MP3

Steven expands upon his basic philosophy of astrology. MP3 ...


The Composite Chart MP3

Relationship astrology with Steven Forrest. The Composite ...


Living Evolutionary Astrology

Learn the fundamentals of Steven's past life techniques ...


Working Consciously with Mercury

Complete workshop on the planet Mercury.


Saturn in Scorpio through the 12 Houses mp3

Join Steven in this timely exploration of Saturn in Scorpio ...


Astrology's Basis in Science

The Scientific Basis for Astrology


The Moon’s Nodes MP3

Explore the lunar nodes, the foundation of Evolutionary ...


Astrology, Parapsychology and UFO's MP3

Astrological lecture by Steven Forrest. Steven discusses ...


Love and Mischief MP3

A relationship astrology workshop by Steven Forrest. MP3 ...


Transiting Uranus in Pisces MP3

*2-1 for one Special!* 2 astrology lectures on the ...


Lunar Phases Workshop

Lunar Phases Post Conference Workshop UAC 2012.


The Moon Workshop mp3

Intensive workshop based on The Book of the Moon. 14 hrs. ...


Introduction to Evolutionary Astrology mp3 set

Learn Evolutionary Astrology from the ground up with Steven ...


The Second House: Beyond Your Bank Account

Astrological lecture by Steven Forrest, 75 min. MP3 ...


Jodie Forrest: Constructing the Nodal Story

Join Jodie Forrest for an intensive workshop on the Moon’s ...


Saturn: Staying in Touch with the Tough Old Bird MP3

Lecture on Saturn with Steven Forrest. MP3 Download.


Jodie Forrest: The Aspects Workshop

Jodie Forrest teaches students about The Aspects in this ...


Sagittarius, 9th House and Jupiter Archetypes MP3

One of Steven's most comprehensive talks to date of the ...


Neptune Transiting the 12 Houses MP3

Follow Steven on a mystical journey with Neptune through ...


Discovering Past Lives in the Birth Chart

Techniques for discovering past lives in the birth chart. ...

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