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When Nothing Works But the Nodes MP3

Steven shows how the lunar nodes can provide the missing ...


Jodie Forrest: Creativity and the Fifth House MP3

The creative side of the 5th House with Jodie Forrest. MP3 ...


The Arc of Intimacy, MP3

Steven Forrest takes us on a tour of houses 5, 6, 7, and 8. ...


Mother-Father: A Shifting Astrological Truth MP3

Steven examines the pivotal archetypes of Mother and Father ...


Ruler of the Ascendant MP3

Steven Forrest takes a look at the Ruler of the Ascendant. ...


The Complete Works +iPod

Own Steven's complete audio catalog pre-loaded on a brand ...


When Planets Hit the Ascendant

Steven describes planets in aspect to the ascendant. 1 hr. ...


Eris & Uranus: Two Lords of Chaos mp3 set

Eris & Uranus: Two Lords of Chaos


The USA Chart: Ripening Karma - Audio Class

Steven looks at the chart of the USA, its Pluto return, and ...


Conscious Sun Signs

Sun Signs through the lens of evolutionary astrology with ...


The Moon Intensive MP3

Introductory Moon workshop. 4 hrs 40min.


Jodie Forrest: The Ascendant Workshop MP3

Learn how to use the Ascendant, with Jodie Forrest. Part of ...


The Progressed Ascendant MP3

Steven outlines the Progressed Ascendant in this lecture ...


Eris: The New Planet MP3

Enjoy this initial exploration into the possible meanings ...


Learning Chart Rectification

Introduction to birth chart rectification. mp3 audio.


The Progressed Composite Workshop

Explore the Progressed Composite chart through the chart ...


Self Test: Introduction to EA Course

Self Test for the Introduction to Evolutionary Astrology ...


A New Look at Chiron

The meaning of Chiron in the birthchart. 2015.


Finding Your Natural Mate

A look at the Arc of Intimacy - Houses Four through Eight. ...


The Houses MP3 Package Set

Save 10% on this package deal which includes ALL of the ...


History of Freedom MP3

Astrology keynote lecture with Steven Forrest about free ...


Sketches of Prior Lives MP3

Steven reads basic past life themes in the charts of Al ...


Neptune in Pisces MP3

Neptune in Pisces with Steven Forrest. 2013. 1 hour 47 min. ...


The Quincunx and the Quintile

Steven describes the often overlooked Quincunx and Quintile ...

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