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The Earth Family

In this program, we continue our in-depth tour of the astrological Elements. This time, we encounter the relatively black-and-white mysteries of the Earth Family. We begin our exploration with Taurus, Venus, and the second house, proceed through Virgo, Mercury, and the sixth house, and culminate with Capricorn, Saturn, and the tenth house.

To say that Earth represents “practicality” is accurate in so far as it goes. All the Earth-energies are concerned with “dealing with reality” in the conventional sense of that slippery word. Because of that Earthy orientation to the concrete side of life, there is an unspoken tendency among “spiritual astrologers” to imply that Earth-people are somehow less cognizant of spiritual matters than the rest of us. That’s just not true. Earth is about bringing spirit down to earth, turning ideals into reality, and wrestling effectively with the various manifestations of “Murphy’s Law” on the physical plane. These signs are about integrity and character—not what you preach or what you believe, but rather what you actually do. Earth is about Reason, for sure—but it is also about our relationship with the body, our connection with the instinctual “inner animal,” and with being a responsible denizen of Nature. “Just do it” and “make it real” and “now or never” are its mantras.

As with the previous Fire and Air programs, this teaching brings us to a sophisticated understanding of a piece of astrological bedrock. We will come to know the Earth Family, both in its natal manifestations and in terms of transits, progressions, and solar arcs. As usual, the first half of the seminar revolves around Steven presenting theory, while the second half involves the practical application of it to the analysis of randomly-drawn charts of class members.

20 hours 44 min. | Recorded in May 2016 in Alpine, CA.