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Skymates II is devoted entirely to the composite chart; there's so much information it deserved its own book!

What's a composite chart? It's a chart of the relationship itself, derived from the charts of the couple. It shows what the relationship needs in order to grow, learn and thrive, just as an individual person's chart shows what that person needs.

Skymates II takes the next step in relationship chart analysis, following the synastry techniques explored in Skymates. In that first volume, you learned how to compare two charts together. In this second volume, you'll learn how to merge the 2 charts into one new one, called the Composite chart. This book will teach you how to understand and use the composite chart.

In the first part of the book, the composite chart is explained. The rest of the book is cookbook-style material detailing the features of each symbol in the composite chart, from the Sun through Pluto. You'll find explanations of each Planet, and also the Ascendant and lunar nodes in each sign and house configuration. This means that you can look up the meaning of your composite Venus in Pisces or composite Mars in the 10th house, etc.

Featuring the most extensive composite cookbook to date, Skymates II is devoted entirely to the composite chart. If you've been following the Forrests for many years and have the original Skymates book from 1989, you'll want to get this volume since 90% of this material is brand new. This is the second printing of the updated 2005 edition.

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