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Astrology and Reincarnation and the complete Evolutionary Astrology method.
ISBN 978-0979067730
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Behind your familiar astrological chart lurks another chart entirely, one whose existence you may never have suspected. It carries your treasures and your wounds. Where the astrologer’s predictions and the realities of your life might not in all honesty have lined up, this chart-behind-the-chart will help you see why. This second, hidden chart tells the tale of who you were in a prior lifetime. It speaks of what wounded you then and what work you left undone. It warns of old ghosts that haunt you and the symptoms you experience when you let them grab the steering wheel of your life.

This karmic underpinning of the horoscope explains the reasons you have the natal chart you have today and it clarifies how you can get on with your evolutionary journey. In Yesterday’s Sky, Steven Forrest completes the picture he began painting in his bestseller The Inner Sky twenty-five years ago.
Dell Horoscope Review
“Over the past two or three years, many astrology books have been published about the relevance of the Lunar Nodes, but here we have the master of this technique as he presents the philosophical framework, the cookbook reference sections, and the clear interpretive methodology . . . Mastering the material in Yesterday’s Sky will make anyone a better astrologer.” - Dell HOROSCOPE read full review

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