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Sexual Logic of the 8th House Lecture MP3

Steven Forrest lecture on the 8th house. 73 min. MP3


Electional Astrology MP3

Join Steven Forrest for an intensive on this most practical ...


Transits and Progressions: Learning Predictive Astrology MP3

Introduction to Progressions and Transits with Steven ...


Reaching the Client Workshop MP3

Learn the art of counseling the client. You'll learn how to ...


Saturn in Scorpio through the 12 Houses mp3

Join Steven in this timely exploration of Saturn in Scorpio ...


Introduction to Evolutionary Astrology mp3 set

Learn Evolutionary Astrology from the ground up with Steven ...


Sexual Logic of the 8th House WORKSHOP MP3

Expanded workshop version of this popular lecture about the ...


Basic Natal Astrology MP3

Natal Astrology Workshop with Steven Forrest.


When Nothing Works But the Nodes MP3

Steven shows how the lunar nodes can provide the missing ...


Saturn Returns and Uranus Opposition MP3

Steven discusses Saturn Returns and Uranus Oppositions. ...


Jodie Forrest: The Ascendant MP3

Astrological lecture on The Ascendant by Jodie Forrest, MP3 ...


Jupiter: How Have You Been Understimating Yourself?

Astrological lecture by Steven Forrest, MP3 - 80 min.


11th House: Goals and Aspirations

Explore the astrological 11th House with Steven Forrest. ...


Astrology's Basis in Science

The Scientific Basis for Astrology


The Second House: Beyond Your Bank Account

Astrological lecture by Steven Forrest, 75 min. MP3 ...


The Ascendant in Two Octaves

Steven Forrest on the Ascendant or Rising Sign


What Do You Do? Career Symbolism in the Chart

The 10th House and career with Steven Forrest. MP3 DOWNLOAD.


Jodie Forrest: Creativity and the Fifth House MP3

The creative side of the 5th House with Jodie Forrest. MP3 ...


Conscious Sun Signs

Sun Signs through the lens of evolutionary astrology with ...


Jodie Forrest: Women and Mars MP3

Jodie Forrest talks about Mars in women's charts. MP3 ...


Lineage: The Hidden Magic of the 6th House

Astrological lecture by Steven Forrest, MP3 DOWNLOAD.


Mars: Hunter or Prey? MP3

Hunter or prey? Mars asks you to choose.


Jodie Forrest: Neptune - Where Two Worlds Touch MP3

Astrological lecture by Jodie Forrest, MP3 format. 77 min.


Jodie Forrest: Odin as Mercury MP3

Jodie Forrest explains the astrological correlations ...

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