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Webinar: Love's Three Faces - Houses 5, 7, & 8



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In this pre-recorded live webinar, Steven outlines differences between the expressions of intimacy in the 5th, 7th and 8th houses.

We fall into purple passion. In six weeks it’s over. We meet someone we “like” tremendously, but sleeping with him or her would be like bedding a sibling. Why? We find chemistry and electricity in a relationship. Again, why? Is it because we are ancient soulmates, destined to be together? Or does this person simply resonate with our unresolved issues with mom or dad?

Deep lifetime bonding, passing love affairs, emotional epiphanies and emotional disasters—how can we sort them out? Astrology can help! Houses Five, Seven, and Eight carry the DNA of each of these intimate patterns. Knowledge of the exact energies they represent in you can help you see through the hormonal fog. They can assist you in understanding what kinds of relationships are right for you and what kinds are toxic, however tempting they might be. They can define your natural mate. They can help you know which of your needs you can safely compromise and what needs are essential to your soul and thus non-negotiable.

In this webinar, Steven explores the meaning of planets and signs connected with houses five, seven and eight. The emphasis is on teaching the principles of interpretation, illustrated with many examples. There will not be enough time to look at all the planets in each house, but there will be enough to set you on the road of interpretation yourself. Throughout this webinar, the emphasis is on making conscious, healthy choices rather than on deadening prediction or rigid “delineation.”

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