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Basic Natal Astrology MP3

Natal Astrology Workshop with Steven Forrest.


Conscious Sun Signs

Sun Signs through the lens of evolutionary astrology with ...


Evolutionary Astrology in Action MP3

Learn to analyze the birth chart from an evolutionary ...


Introduction to Evolutionary Astrology mp3 set

Learn Evolutionary Astrology from the ground up with Steven ...


Jodie Forrest: Constructing the Nodal Story

Join Jodie Forrest for an intensive workshop on the Moon’s ...


Jodie Forrest: The Ascendant MP3

Astrological lecture on The Ascendant by Jodie Forrest, MP3 ...


Jodie Forrest: The Ascendant Workshop MP3

Learn how to use the Ascendant, with Jodie Forrest. Part of ...


Living Evolutionary Astrology

Learn the fundamentals of Steven's past life techniques ...


Lunar Phases Workshop

Lunar Phases Post Conference Workshop UAC 2012.


Self Test: Introduction to EA Course

Self Test for the Introduction to Evolutionary Astrology ...


Sketches of Prior Lives MP3

Steven reads basic past life themes in the charts of Al ...


The Ascendant in Two Octaves

Steven Forrest on the Ascendant or Rising Sign


The Aspects Workshop Audio

In this audio workshop you'll learn how to work with the ...


The Four Angles Workshop mp3 set

Essential foundational course on the Four Angles with ...


The Moon Workshop mp3

Intensive workshop based on The Book of the Moon. 14 hrs. ...


The Moon’s Nodes MP3

Explore the lunar nodes, the foundation of Evolutionary ...


Transits and Progressions: Learning Predictive Astrology MP3

Introduction to Progressions and Transits with Steven ...


Working Consciously with Mercury Venus and Mars mp3 set

Learn how to work intentionally with the energies of ...


Workshop: Let's Play God MP3

Fun group interpretation of a fictional birthchart created ...