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Lunar Phases Workshop

Lunar Phases Post Conference Workshop UAC 2012.


Neptune Transiting the 12 Houses MP3

Follow Steven on a mystical journey with Neptune through ...


Your First Saturn Return MP3

Turning 30? Learn what you need to do to master your First ...


Your Second Saturn Return MP3

Learn how to navigate your Second Saturn Return skillfully ...


The Grace in Debility mp3

Steven debunks the myth that planets in detriment are all ...


Neptune in Pisces MP3

Neptune in Pisces with Steven Forrest. 2013. 1 hour 47 min. ...


Mercury through the 12 Signs

Descriptions of Mercury in each of the 12 signs.


Getting to Know Mercury

An introduction to the planet Mercury.


Working Consciously with Mercury

Complete workshop on the planet Mercury.


The Moon Workshop mp3

Intensive workshop based on The Book of the Moon. 14 hrs. ...


Working Consciously with Mercury Venus and Mars mp3 set

Learn how to work intentionally with the energies of ...


Saturn in Sagittarius through the 12 Houses

Steven describes Saturn in Sagittarius transiting the 12 ...


Harnessing the Power of Uranus Square Pluto mp3

How to work with Uranus Square Pluto


Webinar: Mars - Finding the Spiritual Warrior

Webinar on Mars. Includes Natal and Transiting Mars.


Mars - Finding the Spiritual Warrior MP3

Audio recording of Mars webinar includes Natal and ...


Eris & Uranus: Two Lords of Chaos mp3 set

Eris & Uranus: Two Lords of Chaos


Working with Saturn Transits - Audio

Steven presents Saturn transits. 2 hrs.

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