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A Bright and Cloudy Dawn: The New Age MP3

Is the Age of Aquarius here? MP3 Format. 2 hours.


A New Look at Chiron

The meaning of Chiron in the birthchart. 2015.


Astrology's Basis in Science

The Scientific Basis for Astrology


Astrology, Parapsychology and UFO's MP3

Astrological lecture by Steven Forrest. Steven discusses ...


Astromapping - Into to Relocational Astrology

Learn basic relocation astrology techniques including ...


Beyond Description: Conscious Astrology MP3

Keynote address on the astrology of choice with Steven ...


Ceres: Beyond Gender

Explore the archetypal pattern represented by the asteroid ...


Chart Reading Workshop: Natal & Transits (audio)

Chart reading skills workshop: Frida Khalo and Marilyn ...


Chart Reading Workshop: Natal & Transits video

Chart reading skills workshop: Frida Khalo and Marilyn ...


Color, Sound & Astrology MP3

Astrology lecture by Steven Forrest on the intersections of ...


Curing Zombies MP3

Steven expands upon his basic philosophy of astrology. MP3 ...


Discovering Past Lives in the Birth Chart

Techniques for discovering past lives in the birth chart. ...


Electional Astrology MP3

Join Steven Forrest for an intensive on this most practical ...


Eris & Uranus: Two Lords of Chaos mp3 set

Eris & Uranus: Two Lords of Chaos


Evolutionary Astrology in Action MP3

Learn to analyze the birth chart from an evolutionary ...


Finding Your Natural Mate

A look at the Arc of Intimacy - Houses Four through Eight. ...


Getting Spaced MP3

Get a close up look at deep space objects with Steven ...


Harnessing the Power of Uranus Square Pluto mp3

How to work with Uranus Square Pluto


Jodie Forrest: Constructing the Nodal Story

Join Jodie Forrest for an intensive workshop on the Moon’s ...


Jodie Forrest: Uranus and Vesta MP3

Archetypal astrology with Jodie Forrest, MP3 DOWNLOAD.


Jodie Forrest: Women and Mars MP3

Jodie Forrest talks about Mars in women's charts. MP3 ...


Learning Chart Rectification

Introduction to birth chart rectification. mp3 audio.


Living Evolutionary Astrology

Learn the fundamentals of Steven's past life techniques ...


Local Space and Relocation Astrology MP3

Astrological lecture with Steven Forrest at NORWAC 2010 ...

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