The Inner Sky

The Inner SkyThe Inner Sky by Steven Forrest
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"Steve's book manages to disarm the skeptic, as well as debunk the charlatanism that surrounds popular astrology, with language that is as intelligent and cogent as it is poetic." -- Sting

A blueprint for using astrology to uncover YOUR "inner sky"-- the endless universe of potential within you! Learn to make the most of your opportunities and face your challenges creatively, for a brighter, more fulfilling future!

"No matter what you think of astrology, if you appreciate humor, insight, poetry and astute, articulate observations of human nature, you will appreciate Steven Forrest's fascinating book."
-- Callie Khouri, screenwriter, Thelma and Louise; Something to Talk About; Nashville

"A truly outstanding new book. The best part is that it's intelligent, well-written & actually fun." -- Esquire

"Steven Forrest's down-to-earth approach is refreshing, funny, and void of pompous claims."-- L.A. Times

"Beautifully written in simple language, yet amplified with stunning verbal imagery throughout, the book is a reading experience worth savoring. Throw in the fact that it is undoubtedly one of the clearest, simplest astrology primers ever written and you begin to glimpse the miracle Steven Forrest has wrought."
-- Richard Nolle, for Dell Horoscope

"One of the best and sharpest books for beginners that I've ever come across."--Welcome to Planet Earth

"No astrology book has impressed me as much as "The Inner Sky."--Velma Austin-Chatham, Professional Astrologers Inc., for The Delineator

Winner of the 1985 PAI Award (Professional Astrologers Incorporated)
"for outstanding activities in furthering the goals of Astrology."

A message from Steven Forrest about The Inner Sky:

In 2003, Mitchell Gibson titled an astrological computer program "Signs: The Inner Sky."
Unfortunately, under U.S. copyright law we cannot protect our title.
This computer program has nothing to do with our Sky series or our work.

In 1984, Steven published The Inner Sky, a bestseller in astrological circles ever since.
In 1985, Steven published the second book in his Sky series, The Changing Sky.
In 1987, Steven published the astrology of relationship book, Skymates.

In the 1990s, continuing the Sky series, Matrix Software and Steven Forrest produced their birthchart report writer program, "The Sky Within," based on The Inner Sky, and their transits and progressions report writer program, "SkyLog," based on The Changing Sky.
In 2000, AIR Software produced the astrology of relationship report writers, The Single Sky and The Sky We Share, based on Skymates.

We regret any confusion Mr. Gibson's actions have created.

Steven Forrest

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