Moltrasio, Lake Como, Italy

Europe AP Retreat in Moltrasio, Lake Como, Italy
April 19-23, 2017

Topic: Sex, Death and The Occult

Moltrasio, Lake Como, ItalyJoin Steven at this luxury astrology retreat in beautiful Moltrasio, Lake Como, Italy. As part of the European Apprenticeship Program, this program counts towards certification through Steven's Astrology Apprenticeship program.

People inevitably make jokes when they hear that an edition of the Apprenticeship Program will be entitled “Sex, Death and The Occult”. And that is fine – some dimensions of life impact us with such fierce intensity at the emotional level that we must use humor as a buffer against them. To be sure, in this 5-day class, we will laugh. We will laugh at human folly and we will laugh at death's ultimate frailty. But we will also explore some very sensitive terrain – terrain that is not for the faint hearted. In fact, Steven views some of this material as so sensitive that he never teaches it outside the more intimate confines of the apprentice program.

Death comes to everyone, but how do we prepare for it? In many traditions, it is not simply “the end” but rather the greatest evolutionary challenge – an opportunity of one's life. What face might death present to us personally?

We will not be attempting to determine the date of one's death – a dubious enterprise from both practical and ethical perspectives – but rather to help ourselves and our clients in the lifelong task of preparing for it.

Halfway between the province of psychology and transcendent mysticism lies the realm of the “occult”. Here, the evolving consciousness encounters powers normally latent in the mind: magic, divination, healing. How might the birth chart cast light on these esoteric matters? How might the evolutionary astrologer, working with spiritually, sophisticated clients, wrestle with these possibilities?

Completing our survey of this eighth house terrain, we consider the deeper and more conscious aspects of sacred sexuality. Among other possibilities, sexuality emerges as one method of gathering the energy needed for “occult” work and for conscious dying. In this context, sexuality embraces certain experiences connected with having a partner, but also a broader “erotic” relationship with both Nature and Supernature.

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Retreat Location and Lodging: Hotel Posta
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Location Details: The Hotel Posta has the beautiful back drop of Moltrasio, Lake Como. Magnificent home-cooked food and the lake at our doorstep, this 17th century building is run by a wonderful Italian family offering true Italian hospitality across 3 generations, and will be our home for the week with a stunning array of culinary specialties.

This workshop is worth 4 Credits towards certification.

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